Saturday, 14 December 2013

Simple Binary Encoding (SBE): the next protocol buffer?

Even if it's still in beta, the SBE ultra-fast marshalling API (available in C++, Java & .NET) seems very promising. Designed from a financial (FIX Trading community) standard, this first implementation is fully open source, and made by -wait for it ...

  • Martin Thompson (former LMAX CTO) 
  • Todd Montgomery (former 29West CTO)
  • and Olivier Deheurles (for the .NET part)
If you want to discover both the big picture, the history, and how you can use SBE, check the nice post written by my friend Olivier

Another really interesting part to read is the description of the SBE design principles chosen by the authors and published on the SBE wiki. A clearly mechanical sympathy approach ;-)

No doubt this has to be closely followed...

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  1. An excellent overview of SBE by Todd Montgomery is available on InfoQ here: