Tuesday 26 January 2016

(controversy) Is Spotify a model to follow actually?

Spotify is a major flagship for the "Agile consulting industry" (the one that sells certifications ;-) ... but I have to say that the music-addict I am has been deeply disappointed by the Spotify offer. Used to be a Spotify customer for many years, last year I decided to quit Spotify to join another platform (i.e. Deezer). 

I don't know if there is a link or not with the way they work and try to scale agile (tribes, guilds, etc), but I found Spotify's ergonomy very poor as an end-user. More annoying: the lack of common reflex between the various Spotify apps (on mac, on windows, on iOS, etc), and the poorness of the Spotify recos. In more than 5 years of Spotify usage, I have almost never discovered a new artist/band based on my actual playlists and preferences (contrary to what I've discovered thanks to Deezer's recommendations).

As a software developer, that makes me wonder many questions about the relevance of the Spotify agile model in order to deliver value to its end-users/customers.