Saturday 27 January 2007

Juval Lowy's white papers

The well-know .NET expert Juval Lowy (author of the must-read "Programming .NET Components") has recently published some white papers such as C# coding standard, SOA design guidelines, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Essentials, etc.

This is available in the Resources section of the IDesign web site.

I recommand the use of the first part of the "IDesign C# Coding Standard, for development guidelines and best practices" for any new .NET project which you would begin.

On the contrary, the multi-threading guidelines part of this document is bulsh#%^$ - sorry- I mean: isn't fit to all kind of development (especially not for real-time one !!!)
=> It would have been more logical to associate it to the ASP.NET section, for instance ...