Saturday, 17 August 2013

Metrics, Metrics everywhere...

... is a truly awesome presentation by Coda Hale. Even if its content is really interesting (in a nutshell: improve your decisions and time to market by measuring your code when it runs), I really like the format of his presentation. 

Very funny, fluent, and built like an Anaphora (repetition, repetition, repetition), his presentation is a real 'model of genre' in term of efficiency to spread a message. 

Available on youtube, Coda's presentation lasts only 30 minutes long (there are 15 minutes of Q & A at the end); it definitely worth the look:

'As developers we have a mental model of what our code does ... we spend so much time inside our heads, it's very easy to mistake what's inside of our heads for reality (i.e. to mistake the map for the territory)... we can't know until we measure it'


(thanks to my mate Cyrille for this resource)

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  1. Yeah, and 'Mind The Gap' is definitely burned into your brain as a side effect!