Sunday, 18 November 2012

wiked! the solution to DRY all our projects KM

Since my latest post: It's really time to DRY our apps' Knowledge Management! I had the occasion to share this topic with several mates, and thus to discover that the maven site plugin was perfectly fine for what I intended to do (thanks to Christophe LALLEMENT & Alexandre NAVARRO by the way).

Thus, no need to reinvent the wheel for that (which is perfect fine for me).

So I started to play with maven (quite new for the .NET expert I am), and especially with the maven site plugin ecosystem. At the end, it took me several hours in order to fully understand how to use it properly. With some questions like:
  • Which maven plugins (and versions) should I configure within the pom.xml I intend to use in order to generate the web site for my project (which is not a java project by the way)?
  • Which minimal pom.xml could I set in order to generate a web site with the mvn site command-line (important for non-java project, and to KISS)
  • Where should I put images and other resources in order to be able to reference them properly from my markdown pages
  • Why and when should I have to call `mvn clean` before the `mvn site` command-line in some rare cases (like when changing the project name whithin the pom.xml file)
  • How to set a better look n feel to the overall generated web site?
  • Which markdown syntax was working, and which one was not well supported by the tools (i.e. the atx-style headers)?
  • etc.
I finally intended to package something that would help me (and others) to quickly setup such web site generation solution for every new project Knowledge Management.

Thus, i'm proud to present you the wiked! solution,  now available on gitHub.

More than a simple bootstrapper that will ease you to earn some time when setup-ing such a solution for your project, wiked! also offers you a structure and some content for all your projects web sites (see the values and practices section for instance).

And since the DRY principle was one of my driver, I won't fully describe here what wiked! is all about. If you are interested, you can have a look at the wiked!

Hope this help.

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